Summary of the Project

The common marketing strategies of the BSR as entire destination for yachting/boating, where sustainability is most important part of the Region’s Brand. The BSB Project, taking the best experience and outcomes of the implemented projects, is aiming to build a Network, which unites the guest harbours from all parts of the Region. The project’s activities are focused on competence development of guest harbours on sustainability issues in their work, as well as on and internationalisation and joint marketing. The prototype of BSR Guest Harbour Guide, a plan of measures for creation of common quality mark for BSR GHs, testing of strategies for joint promotion will be the outcomes of the BSB Project. 

The Baltic Sea Region is rich in maritime traditions. Small harbours play a significant role in economic developments of the regions, cities, and settlements around the Baltic Sea – providing jobs and opportunities for yachting tourism. Thus, the yachting is a huge potential attraction and one of the most popular ways of spending the leisure time for people in the Region, the level of standard of guest harbours in countries in BSR remains very different, there is no sufficient information available for marketing of the BSR as entire destination for yachting. For a long time, boating tourism was a very much separated segment and had rather little touchpoints with “mainstream tourism”: boating was a lifestyle, dominated by boat owners. Nowadays, boating becomes more and more a part of “mainstream tourism” in BSR, in particular, the growing segment of “adventure tourism”, where people look for challenges and boating is one of such or like to explore different options of eco-tourism. The traditional marketing approach is not fully valid, to attract the new groups of customers and to be competitive with other sea destinations, a “complex” approach and good “packaging of services” should take place as: water & nature & land culture; unique diversity of different landscapes in Baltic Sea, etc.

The guest harbours of the Region could jointly work out marketing strategies both for internal and external travellers, given that around 50% of marinas’ customers are coming outside. To further enhance a sustainable blue economy in the BSR and position the BSR as a model region for maritime best practice and successful sustainable maritime economy, the guest harbours/marinas of the Region should work accordingly to high quality standard, maintaining this reputation as a major part of its brand. To facilitate the improvement and pulling of marinas in BSR to a single high standard is a complex task. The building of Baltic Sea Marinas’ Network will be an important step in this direction.